Welcome to the Primerica “Tours & Activities” booking site.

Primerica  would like to make it easy as possible for you to book activities and excursions offered outside of the Grand Hyatt at Baha Mar. To help you do this, Primerica has partnered with an on Island Destination Management Company, Sunbound, to assist you with the booking process. This website created for Primerica give you the opportunity to choose from various tours and activities offered in Nassau and outside the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar Property.

Please feel free to explore the web site information on off-property activities and attractions. This web site contains details on the activities as well as per person pricing. All prices listed are per person and include a slight increase over the normal on Island pricing for the advance booking as well as Sunbound staff to meet and greet and escort you to the activity launch area as well as transfers to and from the venue.

Please note:  Activities are public and not exclusive to Primerica guests.  If you book an activity through this web site you are responsible for payment via credit card. You will receive a detailed confirmation of your purchase via email immediately after you “confirm” the sale.

 It is advised that tours and activities are only to be booked for Monday and Tuesday, February 17th -& 18th for Phase #1 and Thursday and Friday, February 20th & 21st for Phase #2.

If you have any questions regarding the Tours & Activities or would like more information on any of the options you see on this site, please do not hesitate to contact Sunbound using the email contact below.

Email:    Cheryl@Sunbound.com


All tours are subject to the individual weather policies of the tour operator. The tours are refundable only if the operator cancels the tour in the event of weather conditions. On a non-exclusive tour basis the tour vendor has the ability to move guests to another tour time if they don’t have enough people at the pre-arranged tour time. If this happens, money is not refundable because the tour vendor is not canceling the tour, just moving the time.

Cancellation policies are subject to change. Any cancellation policy offered by a vendor supersedes Sunbound’s clauses.