In order for SUNBOUND to offer the best quality tour service, we provide staff assistance for all exclusive and non-exclusive tours booked and this cost is included which includes signage, meet and greet, dispatch and/or accompany guests when necessary and confirming the advancement of tours booked.

Tour Times:
For tour times, guests should be outside the front entrance of the hotel approximately 15 minutes before the tour start time so that SUNBOUND staff can meet you and escort you to the appropriate tour launch location.

Tour Operator Weather and Cancellation Policies:
All tours are subject to the individual weather policies of the tour operator. The tours are refundable only if the operator cancels the tour. In the event the tour operator cancels their services due to an event of force majeure (e.g., storms, weather, strikes, acts of God or similar events beyond the parties’ control), no cancellation fees will be owed and SUNBOUND will return all monies. Also, the tour vendor has the ability to move guests to another tour time if they don’t have enough people to operate at the pre-arranged tour time. If this happens, money is not refundable because the tour vendor is not canceling the tour, just moving the date and or time. Please be aware of this if you have a tight schedule.


*NOTE: Cancellation policies are subject to change. Any cancellation policy offered by a vendor supersedes our clauses.

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